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Summer at ECA - Edinburgh Art Festival

Italian Film Festival - Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh

Re-deckorate: skate pal x re:ply - Jam In A Jar, London

Taste of Scotland - Teviot Row House, Edinburgh


French Film Festival - Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh

SynesthASIA High Altitude - Montreal Science Center

Turning Point - Glass Door Gallery, Montreal

Tigodu Mansion - Montreal

Angry Girls’ Club - ONCA, Brighton


No Spoon Needed - The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Student Art Festival - Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh


EUSA Student Art Exibition - Teviot Row House, Edinburgh

Art Escape - St. John’s Church, Edinburgh


EUSA Student Art Exhibiton - Teviot Row House, Edinburgh

recent publications

MTL: My Terrible Life - collaborative collection of poetry and full-colour illustration with Glasgow-based writer, Ellen MacAskill.

Solo interview in the June 2019 edition of Canvas & Cassette.

Others include: Fearlessly, wotisart?, The Columnist, Slow Life, Leave Me Starstuck, Angry Girls Club, WHIP zine (2018-9), Mook's Mag, Canvas, Yellerzine, Anthropozine, Dactyl (2015 cover) 


LWS Night Shelter, Jumping Bean Training, Jump From Paper, Larkin Crafts, Tattoo Moments, Brazen Foxes, Marché Tania, We Are Horizontal, HCSA Awards, Young Women Scot, NHS London Procurement Partnership




“Quirke is not afraid of color; her work is bright and bold, which is fitting for someone who has fearlessly explored creative opportunities in different cities.”  Canvas & Cassette, 2019

“You should always try and finish your work. Even if you’re half-way through a piece, and you think you hate it, you can try and make something out of it. I think persevering through these little roadblocks is how you learn. Maybe you’ll discover some cool techniques or ideas that you never thought of before.”  Jump From Paper, 2018

“Notably, it was seen that Lizzie Quirke had the same subject in mind, but elevated her submission to brilliance through a fascinating manipulation of architectural shape and proportion.”  The Student, 2016