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t-shirt designs ~ we are horizontal

T-shirt graphics for UK sportswear brand WE ARE HORIZONTAL ( Available in vest or t-shirt styles.


logo - Anticafé Local

Logo proposal for local Montreal business, the Anticafé LocaL. Our inspiration was "warm, cosy, autumnal colours."

larkin logo.png

logo - larkin crafts

Logo design for exciting new Montreal crafts business.


graphic design ~ brazen foxes

Ongoing work for @brazenfoxes - an indie rock trio from Northampton, UK. Project includes poster designs, EP designs (above), logo design and brand identity. 


logo ~ seven billion podcast

Logo design for exciting upcoming development podcast!

Marche Tania JPG-01.jpg

logo - Marché Tania

Logo re-design for respected Montreal business. The first Italian grocery store in Jean Talon market! Looks great on their new snazzy employee t-shirts...

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 20.22.37.png
Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 20.21.59.png

t-shirt design: re-ply boards

My design was picked to be used as the Edinburgh Uni Art Society membership card, 2016 - now.

membership card - Ed art society

My design was picked for the Edinburgh Art Society membership card 2015-6