lizzie quirke
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buxton international festival

Brochure proposal for BIF 2020. The document was intended to be ‘image heavy’, so I designed unique icons and illustrations to make the graphic and photographic elements work together more effectively.

Buxton International Festival Proposal Lizzie Quirke v0.4.jpg

Image motion

Created proposals for clients such as Station 16, Nacarat Bar, The Source hotel & Sosken studios as part of a placement at Montreal-based influencer marketing and content creation studio, Image Motion.


sosken studios

I created GIFs, newsletter templates, website landing pages and banners for fashion brands SOSKEN ( see below) and ILTM (


Designed and illustrated a social media proposal for Milos, renowned Greek restaurant. Illustrations are all hand-drawn.

page 1-01.png

Jumping bean

Slideshow, correspondence and bespoke training documents for global training organisation, Jumping Bean. This position involved adhering to brand guidelines for a variety of different clients, and completing work to tight deadlines.

Presentation Skills - S1 - Effective Presentation Skills QC v0.1.jpg
Presentation Skills - S1 - Effective Presentation Skills QC v0.13.jpg

ghost quartet - captioning document

Illustrated & designed a close captioning document for a performance of Dave Malloy’s musical, ‘Ghost Quartet’.

Ghost Quartet Captioning_Title Page.jpg
Ghost Quartet Captioning-05.jpg
Ghost Quartet Captioning-07.jpg